TestFlix 2021 – Lambda Test

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About LambdaTest

LambdaTest is a fast, robust, and secure cloud platform that offers instant access to 2,000+ desktop and mobile browsers for both manual and automation testing. The highly reliable and scalable online automation test execution platform support various automation testing frameworks like Selenium, Cypress, TestCafe etc.. The platform also allows users to perform live interactive testing for websites, web-apps and even native applications. Enabling 500,000+ QA, Developers and DevOps professionals across 132 countries,  LambdaTest is working towards the goal of bringing the whole testing ecosystem to the cloud platform, where all testing processes are done in a seamlessly integrated infrastructure that is easy to scale up, easy to debug, easy to fix, and ultimately responsible for bringing out the best quality products in the shortest amount of time. Users of LambdaTest range from individuals, SMEs all the way to fortune 500 enterprises with names like Microsoft, Scholastic, Dunelm, Penguin Random House, Xerox, Cisco etc. relying on the platform.

Here’s all what you can do with LambdaTest: 

  • Live-interactive testing across 2000+ browsers & real machines hosted on cloud-based infrastructure.
  • An online automation testing Grid that supports Selenium & Cypress tests with any CI/CD pipeline to help QA teams validate and ship quality builds faster.
  • A next-gen developer-friendly browser that helps to build well-performing & responsive websites on the fly.
  • 100+ integrations with third-party tools for project management, communication, codeless automation, CI/CD and more.
  • Help is always available with 24/7 chat support.
  • Lifetime free access to the platform with 100 free automation testing minutes.



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