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8 takeaways for Testers from my recent TribalConnects

Throughout the journey of building The Test Tribe Community, I am habitual to connect with many of our community members, whether it is they approaching me or otherwise. Took a step forward recently and opened a formal channel which makes it more obvious that I…

Pesticide Paradox in Test Automation

How Pesticide Paradox can impact Test Automation?? One of the attendee at a recent meetup I hosted(on behalf of MOT KL) asked this interesting question. Even though I answered it, the time constraint didn’t let me elaborate enough. So let me start with an apology…

In Conversation with Tribal Qonf Speaker – Mike Talks

To connect our Tribal Qonf Speakers and Audience better, we interviewed our speakers over a few important questions. The conversations we had were just amazing.  In this edition, we are publishing the Interview we did with Mike Torkelson (Tester, Author & IT Anthropologist). Mike answered many interesting…

AMA session with James Bach on “All things Software Testing”

Hello Tribe, Here is the recording of our third session from the AMA series we started wherein we have James Bach answering questions on “All things Software Testing”. Know more about James here- LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-bach-6188a811 Blog: http://www.satisfice.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/jamesmarcusbach It was a Zoom Live session and as…

AMA session with Shrinivas Kulkarni on “Test Designing”

Hello Tribe, Here is the recording of our second session from the AMA series we started wherein Shrinivas Kulkarni is answering questions on “Test Designing”. Due to some technical challenges, we could not upload video, but here is the enhanced audio session. It was a…

The Test Tribe 2nd Pune Meetup Roundup

The tradition continues and Sumeet being one of our Meetup attendees shares his experience. Here he goes- After the first successful Pune meet up, where I had spoken about Mobile Automation using Appium, I was very excited for the second one. Although this time, I…

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