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finer circle

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  1. The Test Tribe Merchandise Welcome Kit
  2. 10% Discount on all Courses
  3. 15% Discount on all Workshops
  4. 10% Discount on all Bootcamps
  5. Free access to all Virtual Conferences
  6. Free access to all The Test Tribe City Meetups, anywhere
  7. 10% Discount to TestAway Programs (if selected)
  8. Priority screening for Conference CFPs, TestAway
  9. Your own customized Citizenship Card

Frequently Asked Questions

Membership is valid for 1 year. After 1 year you may choose to renew the same.

To redeem the membership for any of the offerings mentioned, mail us at contact@thetesttribe.com and we will take the necessary action after review

No. At this moment the membership is non-transferable.

No. At this moment, there is no cancellation or refund policy for this.

All discounts will be done Pre-GST. After which the GST will be calculated. For example, if the original price is INR 20000/- for a workshop and a 15% discount is applicable, the new price will be 17000+GST